These are the stories of my family

When they got married they had a son, my great-uncle Irving, and a daughter, my grandmother Beverly. Together, these stories weave a tapestry of history, land, struggle and pride. My husband and I have worked harder than others because we're inmigrants, but it hasn't been an obstacle in our life.

My dad worked really hard as a child. I am now studying to become a teacher and I think one of the main reasons why I want to go into this field is because of the wonderful teachers I had in the past. The Jewish part of my family was mainly brought to the United States during the Holocaust.

I miss my family and friends terribly and am not so fond of it here, but i am trying to make the best of it.

They are just like everyone else. My paternal grandfather was Jewish, born in South Africa and raised in Buenos Aires, before immigrating to Ohio to meet extended family and go to school.

I'm here in the US because nobody else lives my life but me. One of my aunt's researched and says that she found that my father's side was also part Norse, in times long gone.

It will be a year in October the 16th that she died. I have lost many of my customs and traditoins since we are not really able to celebrate them here as we would in Mexico. My husband and I both work, we can barely afford to eat.

Doctrine of Discovery series: A story from my family

She lived in Brooklyn and didn't know that good english, along with my grandparents. A story from my family Doctrine of Discovery series: I now have a chance to have a better future and I hope they don't pass that stupid law. But as I grew up in New York, I personally have realized that there is racisim.

Although it is tough people are willing tosacrifice many things for a better life.

My lineage is similar to Indigenous people throughout the Americas. Like many Indigenous people in the United States, I have little contact with my historical homeland, and no legal claim to tribal affiliation.

I love them and I talk to them they supported me all the way this makes me feel good. Send a note home to the parents at least 1 week before you plan to begin sharing the posters, pictures, etc.

Funding my own education has been my responsibility alone. But the children enjoy seeing their cut outs in their own clothes.

The trip to Spain made it so meaningful because it made me proud being a Jew, and let me exspirence a old ruined synagogue.

Then I went back into foster care and went to a ladies house named Debbie Faison and she treated me good and then one day a kid named Ronald there said that I melested her daughter and I went to DJJ and then after three weeks went to court found out that i was'nt guilty and he Ronald told me that he was just playing.

I complete them with my own stroke of color to make something new.

My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together

At last, May God bless you all. A major factor is it isn't only about personal enrichment to migrate here but family as well. The ad asked about a man who sounded like Max- and it was signed by Barney, his brother and my great-great-uncle. He had his right leg amputated and many people welcomed him into their homes.

My great great grandfather had married an idian so my father was mix, and my father married my mother who is german and polish so i really mixed with different cultures. Popadapapolapalis Astoria, New York My great grandmother, who is currently years old, emigrated to the United States through a port in Rhode Island.

I decided to stay here. He never knew his family.

About my family

I believe we don't want the next generations to have it as difficult as our ancestors. Upon her arrival to New York, my aunts assisted her in getting several jobs as a domestic worker. Also different level of life. I was just 21 years old then. They came to my town to farm, and began a new life.

Sometimes this stuff get's to me and sometime's I dont mention it but today is your guy's lucky day. When I read the stories on this website, I felt so touched by these people's experiences. These people killed my family in Poland during WWII. In Russia during pogroms.

They killed my great-grandmother in a concentration camp. They killed Emmett Till. They killed Vincent Chin. These people killed my family in Poland during WWII.

In Russia during pogroms. They killed my great-grandmother in a concentration camp. They killed Emmett Till. They killed Vincent Chin. 02/16/11 my family originated from Ireland and England in the late 's.

they came to America to look for a better life and more opportunities for their families. Apr 03,  · Alessandra Biffi, MD spent the last 15 years using hematopoietic stem cells, taken from her patients' bone marrow, to develop a treatment for metachromatic l.

When I bring stories like this to my grandmother’s table, my family and friends look at me as though I’ve grown a third eye — or worse, never grew any. They remind me that the ‘art’ of other people “telling our story” isn’t new, that people have always attempted to do it in literature, radio, film.

know, are these stories that became family lore. My memories are how I had perceived him walking in the spirit world, because that is where I imagined him for most of my life, haunting the mountain where he once lived, as well as his gravesite.

These are the stories of my family
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